I have to be honest, I hate playing live with performance tracks, but in the process of creating live tracks, you find that songs tend to get a microscopic overview. This detailed inspection is super important because it helps you to see the material in a variety of perspectives: fan, promoter, radio, first time fan, rehearsal value and just as a you develop your artist thumb print. I have been an audio engineer for 39 years and creating wonderfully sounding live performance tracks is NOT EASY. I have enlisted the help of veteran live audio guitar hero producer E Hill. We produce the tracks in Protools cutting frequencies that one may never cut on a record so that when we audition is on a live PA in the big room at the studio, the tracks hold up and do not over shadow me the artist. These tracks consist of electric bass and simple drums kick/hat/snare. These tracks give me a rehearsal vehicle to tighten my skills up for the live performance, provide audio for the trio to learn and when I am in a situation where the promoter wants my shredder live show and the trio is not available, the tracks allow me to perform live to sell the live trio.

So, there are many benefits to the live tracks. Take from a music industry veteran, great sounding live tracks are one of the most difficult things I have done in the studio engineering world. Note: remember to use the exact same kit and program on every song.