Hey gang, just a few words about my journey so far into my new world of solo performance. As you may know, I have been performing for 39 years professionally as a hired gun/singer for many artists and that in it’s self is a job that requires precision focus. I now have a new shredder trio with Craig Langford on bass and vocals, Stephen Ritter on drums and vocals, and E. Hill on sound, Steve Trudell songs and management, my wife Shell healthy love, encouragement, bravery, logic and sensibility. These four individuals have changed my life to a degree of feeling like I have just decided to play guitar for the first time. Surrounding your self with people that kick your butt is KEY! They inspire, push, encourage and they sit back and help you help yourself. The biggest problem with being an artist is knowing when to get out of your own way and get some help.

On stage Craig and Stephen have taken my focus to another level and that makes me a better solo performer, kicking my butt because these cats are the best at what they do.

“E” is giving me insight to focusing my goals on a much hired level and a player, performer and front stage man that connects to any audience. He is a monster sound guy that makes the trio sound killer out front, and this is as important as anyone in my group.

Trudell inspires me to write hit songs and constantly inspect my look, vibe, sound and focus as an entertainer.

Shell is the only solid rock I can stand on on this Earth. I could never put a value on her love and support. She makes me who I am .