How to practice your instrument the proper way.

This method can be applied to a rehearsal of one song or a rehearsal of many songs that may be part of a live show.

Many times players will sit down, and do what I call diddle with their instrument, without any focus. Yes, they are playing but without a focus muscle memory is left a disadvantage.

I am working on my new Shredder power trio 90 min show. I create a rough set list loading all of the audio into my iTunes for rehearsal in the order of the live set list. I first rehearse through all the songs three times and simply play guitar without singing so that I am focused on arrangement, groove and timing. I make notes on the ones that I am rusty on and need more work. I create a list of the songs that need attention and begin rehearsing each song 5 to 10 times. I may have to stop and work on a part here and there, but the idea is that I need to run them until the muscle memory is automatic. Once I have the individual songs rehearsed then I run the set list again with no singing 3 times. Now I take a break and come back to run the entire show with singing and playing. The idea of compartmentalizing the rehearsal allows for greater success.