Hey gang, just a few words about my journey so far into my new world of solo performance. As you may know, I have been performing for 39 years professionally as a hired gun/singer for many artists and that in it’s self is a job that requires precision focus. I now have a new shredder trio with Craig Langford on bass and vocals, Stephen Ritter on drums and vocals, and E. Hill on sound, Steve Trudell songs and management, my wife Shell healthy love, encouragement, bravery, logic and sensibility. These four individuals have changed my life to a degree of feeling like I have just decided to play guitar for the first time. Surrounding your self with people that kick your butt is KEY! They inspire, push, encourage and they sit back and help you help yourself. The biggest problem with being an artist is knowing when to get out of your own way and get some help.

On stage Craig and Stephen have taken my focus to another level and that makes me a better solo performer, kicking my butt because these cats are the best at what they do.

“E” is giving me insight to focusing my goals on a much hired level and a player, performer and front stage man that connects to any audience. He is a monster sound guy that makes the trio sound killer out front, and this is as important as anyone in my group.

Trudell inspires me to write hit songs and constantly inspect my look, vibe, sound and focus as an entertainer.

Shell is the only solid rock I can stand on on this Earth. I could never put a value on her love and support. She makes me who I am .

This method can be applied to a rehearsal of one song or a rehearsal of many songs that may be part of a live show.

Many times players will sit down, and do what I call diddle with their instrument, without any focus. Yes, they are playing but without a focus muscle memory is left a disadvantage.

I am working on my new Shredder power trio 90 min show. I create a rough set list loading all of the audio into my iTunes for rehearsal in the order of the live set list. I first rehearse through all the songs three times and simply play guitar without singing so that I am focused on arrangement, groove and timing. I make notes on the ones that I am rusty on and need more work. I create a list of the songs that need attention and begin rehearsing each song 5 to 10 times. I may have to stop and work on a part here and there, but the idea is that I need to run them until the muscle memory is automatic. Once I have the individual songs rehearsed then I run the set list again with no singing 3 times. Now I take a break and come back to run the entire show with singing and playing. The idea of compartmentalizing the rehearsal allows for greater success.

Guitar World magazine just released a list of the 30 greatest Texas guitarist of all time and Brad Davis was on that list just below Jimmie Vaughan. The editors found out that Brad Davis has mad skills with his original super lightning fast Double-Down-Up technique that has bewitched and bedeviled players worldwide.

Brad was asked by Dan Miller to produce the Jam tracks for the online Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

Every week Brad is given a new song, he produces a bed of music with video to provide a learning tool for those pickers out there that are hungry to pick!

At the TMR festival while performing for the Cocktail Creamery (best ice cream in the universe – Ted and Sharon owners). I had that opportunity to perform with monster bassist/vocalist Craig Langford and monster drummer/vocalist Stephen Ritter. It was during that live show that I realized what my music focus as a solo artist should be. With these two awesome musicians, I was now able to perform my crazy double-down-up shredder instrumentals and original vocal material, with some dandy crazy classic geeky covers. The official name of the live show is Brad Davis the shredder and the shred Headz. Thanks to Ted Linblad for encouraging me to perform original music that I never get to perform.

The making of bluegrass Beethoven’s 5th interview #1.


Grammy Record Performing Brad Davis has a new single “Beethoven’s Fifth” on Spotify:  Louisiana Hayride Records.

My new single “Beethoven's Fifth Bluegrass Tribute” on Spotify: https://lnkd.in/eUEUM-g (powered by @distrokid) and Berklee School of Music said it couldn’t be done!

Grammy Record Performing Brad Davis has a new single “Every Shade of Who I Am” on Spotify: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/braddavis/gicO Louisiana Hayride Records

Brad Davis Interview Voyager Dallas

Brad Davis Interview Music Radar Magazine

Brad & co-writer Paula Breedlove song Forth and Goal will be showcased at the Football Hall of Fame celebration August 6th, 2017. Terry Baucom & the dukes of drive. https://bluegrasstoday.com/baucom-takes-4th-goal-hall-fame/

I Need Music Ranked 4th on APD Charting For Feb 2017

New Solo Record “I NEED MUSIC” is available on iTunes and CD Baby get your copy today!

Brads production schedule:
Final mixing & mastering awesome live band 2 Gun Justice.

Producing the one and only Lady Redneck’s new song.

Bluegrass Tribute To The Hits Of The 80s Out Today!“Toto’s Africa Goes Bluegrass” & Steve Lukather APPROVES!

MORE PRESS ON 80s bluegrass tribute:




Brad is currently out on a two month USA tour on playing guitar and singing harmony for Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters.

Check the dates by clicking on Brad’s tour tab link.