The Shredder

Brad Davis aka The Shredder performs as a solo artist for Louisiana Hayride Record label.  This make The Shred and easy artist to slide in to open for any act.

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Billy Bob Thornton – Lead singer for the Boxmasters

His music is a mix of Country, folk, bluegrass, pop and soulful blues and he never loses a crowd! “Billy Bob Thornton”

Pamela Lewis – President/CEO, PLA Media, Nashville, TN

    “Quite simply Brad Davis’s live performances are memorable.  His nuanced virtuoso guitar licks, signature lyrics and vocals make him a one of a kind.  In a highly competitive business, he surely earns the enviable name ‘The Shredder’.”

Billy Bob Thornton – Lead singer for the Boxmasters

    “Brad Davis is one of the most interesting original producer & guitar player I have ever worked with. The music he creates will no doubt mark history, he’s my amazing go-to-guy for all things audio!”

Tommy Shaw – STYX

    “For Brad Davis, there is no such thing as half measures, unless it’s specifically written that way on a music chart. He sings and plays the guitar with heart and soul the same way he writes and records his songs. His talent and style is instantly recognizable.”